Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) – Info

The SFCR generally applies to food intended for human consumption (including ingredients) that is importedexported, or inter-provincially traded for commercial purposes. It also applies to the slaughter of food animals from which meat products to be exported or inter-provincially traded may be derived.

The Safe Food for Canadians Act (SFCA) and SFCR do not apply to the following

  • food carried on a conveyance, for example ferries, airlines, trains, for use by crew and passengers
  • food intended and used for analysis, evaluation, research or exhibitions, weighing 100 kg or less, or in the case of eggs, is part of a shipment of five or fewer cases that are each intended to contain 30 dozen eggs
  • food not sold for use as human food (for example pet food, cosmetics), and labelled as such
  • foods imported from the United States onto the Akwesasne reserve, for use by a permanent resident of the reserve
  • foods imported in bond (in transit) for use by crew and passengers of a cruise ship or military ship in Canada
  • food inter-provincially traded between federal penitentiaries





SFCR Resources:

SFCR Handbook for Businesses

SFCR Fact Sheet

NRI Importer Requirements

Licensing Interactive Tool : Helps determine if you require a license.

PCP Preventative Control Plan Interactive Tool : A PCP is a written plan that demonstrates how you will identify and control risks to food and animals.

Traceability Interactive Tool : helps determine whether or not you need to maintain traceability records.


SFCR License Registry

SFCR Timelines


CFIA SFCR Contact Info:





Applying for a SFCR License:

Use CFIA’s Licensing Interactive Tool to determine if you require a license.

Requesting a License Using My CFIA  – Video Below





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Chinese ports exceed 43 million TEU in first two months of 2022: China has seen a 2.9% increase in volume in Jan-Feb 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. Ports and steamship lines are actively continuing to make progress towards expansion to handle record-breaking volumes and could make for an opportune time to begin or continue shipping for many companies.

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Drill Pipe from China: Notice of Initiation of Investigations: The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) initiated investigations on March 25, 2022, under the Special Import Measures Act respecting the alleged injurious dumping and subsidizing of certain drill pipe from China. The investigations follows a complaint filed by Command Drilling Products Ltd. (Nisku, Alberta).

The International Chamber of Commerce and the World Trade Organization have today published the first-ever toolkit to help companies and government agencies adopt available standards to accelerate the digitalisation of trade processes. Drawing on stakeholder consultations through ICC’s Digital Standards Initiative over the past year, the report emphasizes that one of the primary barriers to the adoption of paperless processes is a lack of awareness of existing standards for digital trade. Currently, fewer than 1% of trade documents are fully digitized globally – with a typical transaction requiring the exchange of 36 documents and 240 copies in hard-copy.


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