Proprietary Technology Developed In-House
Inspired by the needs of our team members, drivers, and customers.

Key Focus Areas


Our systems drive process through AI. By streamlining tasks, we decrease transaction time & increase response speed.

Market Intelligence

Fully integrated platforms provide real-time visibility allowing our teams to monitor current market conditions, historical patterns, and predict future trends.


Your transportation needs are unique, so why should your experience be any different? Our technology is customizable to the needs and details of your operations.

Our technology allows our sales, customer service, brokerage, and tracking teams to focus on what matters most: you.


Customer Relationship Management

With embedded real-time and historical market data, Zira empowers our teams to make the right decisions for your supply chain.

Cha Cha

Tracking & Tracing

Managed by our 24/7 Tracking & Tracing team, Cha Cha utilizes A.I. to drive the tracking process by dynamically prioritizing loads based on predetermined checkpoints and integrated MacroPoint location updates.


Process Automation Server

Simply put – there are just some jobs that robots do better.


Proprietary TMS

Built to handle all the usual TMS duties AND communicate within our other systems to ensure reliable results.


Companywide Communication

This Task System ties all systems and departments together in a singular platform, expediting communication, and creating accountability for all tasks.


Carrier Relationship Management

Artificial Intelligence drives our capacity strategy, Work Trucks Not Loads, by matching the capacity of our carriers to the needs of our customers.


Customizable Scheduling Platform

Acting as the main communication platform for our schedule team, Cogsworth uses algorithms to expedite our scheduling process by prioritizing urgent loads. This ensures appropriate monitoring response and avoids redundant processes.


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