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A highway carrier border service provider

ABpC provides ACE & ACI e-manifest services for carriers.  No need to test or go through certification with CBP or CBSA*.  We will handle your electronic reporting to CBP and CBSA. Set up an account for ACE or ACI processing and we will handle the process from start to finish.

* Carriers must register with CBSA prior to electronic submission


Provides electronic ACI e-manifest services for carriers entering Canada which are tailored to suit the carriers’ needs.

ACI manifest set up for PARS
Printed barcodes
Bar-coded CRN trip sheet
Communications with importers/brokers
Faxing and photocopies

ABpC Canada

Provides electronic ACE manifest services for carriers entering the USA which are tailored to suit the carriers’ needs.

ACE manifests for PAPS
Bonded loads
IIT empty dunnage
Household effects
US Military shipments
Truck parking
Electronic arrival and export of bonds
*There is no need for a carrier to test or certify with US CBP


1. Driver, carrier or shipper faxes paperwork to ABPC Canada or USA – ACE/ACI Request Cover Sheet and shipment paperwork: customs invoices, bill of lading etc.

2. ABpC staff reviews paperwork and advises if additional paperwork is required

3. For PARS or PAPS shipments, we will transmit appropriate paperwork to the customs broker and monitor for any issues

4. ACE/ACI is transmitted to CBP/CBSA

5. Once cleared by a customs broker, we are electronically notified of the entry number right away and will send the completed manifest to you

6. Driver can continue to the border, confident the broker and CBP/CBSA have processed the shipment information

Why is it necessary? 

When you utilize ABpC’s services  you’re not just getting a proficient and technology-driven border service provider with eManifest capabilities. You are gaining a resource that ensures you always have what you need when you need it most.

A substantial percentage of the trade community is not equipped to transmit the necessary information
Enhanced border security features and processes in both Canada and the U.S. have changed the border flow
Border processes continue to change – making it difficult for highway carriers’ I.T. resources to respond
The center responds to all of these changes and will meet the needs of the future requirements and information
Drivers need assistance and instruction they can understand at time of crossing

Total Solutions

What all can ABpC handle for you?

E-manifest submission to CBP/CBSA
PAPS set up service
PARS set up service
Receiving faxes/emails and printing for drivers
Sending faxes/emails for drivers in office
Photocopying services
7512 In bond preparation
Electronic bond arrivals and exportations
Driver instructions and consulting
Resolution of CBSA / CBP issues
Recordkeeping services
Creation of barcodes
Hi-security bolt seals available

“Where do I sign?”

Ready for ABpC to solve your e-manifest troubles? It’s easier to get started than you might think!

Simply call us or use the contact form below to get started.

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ABpC Canada – (Canada to US)
4285 Industrial Drive 
Windsor, ON N9C 3R9
Phone: 519-969-0648
Fax: 519-969-5430
ABpC USA – (USA to Canada)
4444 Wyoming St.
Dearborn, MI 48126
Phone: 313-965-8299
Fax: 313-965-7399

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