More than just A-to-B

A shipment requires more that just point A-to-B. That’s not a problem for Universal. We offer Intermodal services that rise to meet any multi-modal challenge you can throw at us.

From port, to rail, to truck, or any combination in between, there is no small shipment at Universal – we’ll always get the job done and make best-in-class service a top priority.

Powered by our latest “Move-It” technology, systems, and processes, your freight will be placed on the most logical route and vehicle, and accurately tracked from start to finish.


So, what is an Intermodal Marketing Company?

We contract intermodal capacity directly from the railroads and combine it with our asset backed truck capacity to give you a door-to-door solution. Then we pair it with other value-added services to give you a powerful single resource from origin all the way to the ultimate receiver.

Domestic door-to-door rail services support most nationwide dedicated transportation programs. With every major North American Class 1 railroad, we can expertly handle your freight throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Flatbed solutions are supported by our vast fleet of 53′ flat racks and exclusive mobile loading trays. Built to satisfy rate and capacity constraints in the open trailer market, we are confident in our ability to build a solution for you.

Flatbed Intermodal

Private, Dedicated Equipment
Spot-quoted Intermodal Services
Expedited Intermodal

Available Equipment

53′ Domestic OFC
53′ Domestic TOFC
53′ Raildeck Flat Rack
53′ Domestic Chassis
53′ Try Inserts
40′ ISO


Let us show you the versatile power of our services.