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Cavalry Logistics has been operating as a Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder for over Thirty Years. We are experts in International Trade. Below are a few updates from the industry.

California congestion nears new high, East Coast gridlock worsens

Peak season: Let the chaos commence

Port Congestion Issues

Currently in the ocean import sector of international shipping, port and rail congestion is as common as a fast food restaurant in every town.  Container are taking triple the amount of time to reach inland destinations while even shipments direct to the coasts are being delayed by as much as 10 or more days depending on the port of entry.  With peak season only just beginning what can be done if anything?

While the congestion can’t be avoided, there are ways cavalry can help to mitigate its effect on the cargo coming in.  First and foremost, plan ahead as much as possible.  Knowledge of the problem is key to making sure you are ordering enough product to minimize the disruption to business.  We can help you search for alternative options to the transport of your freight.  Look for different ports to use that are less congested.  Look for different routes to use.  This could be as simple as using the east coast instead of the west coast for inland destinations.  Using less than container (LCL) shipments to the coast and then regular trucking inland might be beneficial for your company.  Whatever the case may be there are options out there.  We are willing and available to assist and can help look for any possible solutions that might exist.

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