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Cavalry Logistics has been operating as a Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder for over Thirty Years. We are experts in International Trade. Below are a few updates from the industry.

Exporting  from USA

Exporting from USA has a multitude of regulations and requirements to meet the  Carrier, Government Agency and  Importing Country ‘s rules and regulations.

Each mode of transport,  commodity , carrier, must adhere to first and foremost the  EAR –  Export Administration Regulations. This is the governing agency located within the BIS

Business of Industry and Security. U.S. Department of Commerce.  As experts, it is our job, along with our customers to familiarize ourselves  with the U.S. Government rules, licenses and other considerations

That may apply to any of our customers shipments.  Recordkeeping has become streamlined with the implementation of AES  / Recordkeeping, Automated Export System.

The AES is an electronic export information (EEI) gathering and processing system for the US exporter network. AES operates on the automated commercial environment (ACE) platform.

AES is utilized jointly among all of the government agencies that regulate export transactions. Once EEI is filed into AES the system will alert the user if any immediate discrepancies are present or if information is missing.

**AES info is used for statistical analysis, export control and enforcement. Agencies may open an investigation if they notice an AES filing is erroneous or unusual. 15CFR part 30 is the collection of statutes that constitutes the Foreign Trade Regulation (FTR) general information about filing practices and regulations are found here. Information specific to AES is under Pat 758


Once an exporter has finalized their transaction agreement and successfully obtained any relevant licenses, they must submit their EEI for review in AES if there is a license requirement or the cargo is valued at $2500 or more.

The AES is filed by either the USPPI – U.S. Principal Party in Interest or an authorized agent. Any party using the AES must be approved to use it and is legally bound to all filings.

Regardless of value most filing criteria would include

  •                 Export of items destined to a country in group E
  •                 Exports that require a license
  •                 Exports under license exception
  •                 Strategic Trade Authorization (STA)
  •                 Exports under authorization validated end user
  •                 Exports involving entities on the unverified list

The AES filing will interface with the appropriate agencies, carriers and the like and advise for any  potential areas of concern.  AES serves as a checkpoint for export transactions by checking the validity of relevant licenses  with the appropriate governmental agency.

 AES License type Codes are

  • C30 – Licenses Issued by the BIS
  • C33 – No license required
  • C60 – BIS 600 series items
  • C35 – C59, C62 – License Exceptions.

AES Licenses – Can be required by many government agencies, these  ensure the compliance of all entities , each time a license is used AES decrements the license value until the license is either expired or consumed.

Recordkeeping / Documentation  – Documents for any transactions need to be completely uniform across applications and agency interactions. DCS – Destination Control Statements are required to be placed on the commercial invoice for all exports other than EAR99.  Recordkeeping  – Records should be kept for 5 years from the date of the last export, re-export or termination of a transaction, unless required for a longer period by BIS.

Information specifically about record keeping practices can be found in 15  CFR Part 762.

Please use the following links for AES information, rules and regulations.  An interesting read…….https://www.cbp.gov/trade/aes/introduction

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