Customs Invoice Requirements

[DETROIT, Michigan– October [30], 2020]

Ensuring you have the proper data on your invoice can help prevent delays and potential penalties from Customs when importing into any country. Customs had created a list of required data elements. Making sure, these data elements are on your invoice are important and in some cases required. The required data elements for US and Canada bound shipments are out lined in the Canadian D-Memo,D1-4-1 and US CFR 141.86 Customs Regulations. Customs Regulations should always be consulted for updates and accuracy.

Below we have outlined what basic data you should have on your invoice. This is meant as a guide and the appropriate regulations for country of import should be reviewed for additional requirements.

  1. Shipper name and address
  2. Consignee Name and address
  3. Seller/Buyer/vendor Name and address if applicable
  4. The importer of record (party who is responsible for customs) should be identified
  5. Piece count, weight
  6. Country of origin
  7. Description (this should be descriptive enough for an officer to be able to classify the goods.)
  8. Value and Currency
  9. Overseas Freight costs, Assists, discounts, Additions or Subtractions to the value.
  10. Invoice reference number
  11. Contact number for individual with knowledge of shipment (this will assist if there is an issue)

These are basic requirements that will assist your broker and the customs officer reviewing your shipment. We encourage you to have a working partnership with your broker. You can contact Cavalry to review your entry documents. We are experts in avoiding delays at the border and will work with you to ensure their carrier has an expedient, compliant Customs release process.

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