We put the ship in partnership.

At Universal, we put the ship in partnership. So when it comes to matching your needs with carrier capacity, you can be certain you’re getting the most effective and cost-efficient solutions. But we aren’t just matchmakers… That’s what computers do. We’re “MATCHIMIZERS”. By putting our carrier’s needs first, we ensure the best link between your load and our carrier’s capacity; maximizing the efficiency of the partnership.

Broker With The Best

So we say we’re the best…but you may be thinking, “prove it.” We’re happy to show you we’re not just talking ship. Our brokerage teams utilize high-standard scorecards to evaluate and select only the best carriers on every single shipment.

Here are metrics we use to evaluate our carrier partners:


We provide true peace of mind with our technology-based security processes. You can rest assured you’ll always know where your freight is.

Proprietary systems for reliable and accurate tracking – “Cha-Cha”
24/7 tracking and tracing of every shipment with unbiased prioritization
Priority of tracking assigned automatically based on GPS location and time
Integration with automated tracking systems or ELD location updates
3 key systems interconnected for automated issue management
Machinery Manufacturer
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